MAY 2-6, 2019 Ibiza - "Finish Your Effing Book" Retreat


MAY 2-6, 2019 Ibiza - "Finish Your Effing Book" Retreat


Ibiza, a Spanish Island on the Mediterranean Sea, is a truly magical place to write. We spend our retreats up in the north mountains, at the rural Can Buho Inn, and take half-day trips to sights and beaches around the island where you can sit and write in front of some of the most exquisite views in the world. A small, intimate group of 6-10 writers gather to be inspired, write, and workshop. Meals and excursions are taken care of so writers can concentrate on their creativity and craft. 

The next Ibiza Retreat will be held in MAY 2019 and is entitled "Finish Your Effing Book" retreat. This is a retreat focused on completing a project - whether it's your book or some other project, this five day retreat on the magical Island of Ibiza will give you the space, time and inspiration to get to the finish line. Minimal instruction, but maximum support, Francesca will be available to talk through your work 1-1 and there will be a workshop, once a day, on on writer's work (if they are so inclined). Manuscripts of 15 pages will be due to the group by September. 


Opportunity for 1-1 sessions with Francesca, and one 1.5-2 hour workshop on your own manuscript by the group.


Shared room $1550

Single room $2250 (only 2 available)

Single room with bathroom $2500 (Only one available) 


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